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PepFactor: The World’s First Uniquely Formulated Protein for Skin & Hair Rejuvenation


If you want to reverse the effects of aging skin and the loss of hair, then you may have heard about PepFactor. But some expensive spas make it sound as if you need a Ph.D. in Chemistry to enjoy the effects of Pep Factor. They will throw around words such as “Fibroblast Growth Factor” and papilla cell proliferation as if those were ordinary terms in a person’s vocabulary. So the average person might be confused as to what PepFactor really is?

Basically, PepFactor is a compound that when injected into the scalp and has a special spectrum of light shined on it, tends to promote significant hair rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation.

But as we indicated, we like to break it down into plain, simple English, so those who go to a physician’s office, such as at a plastic surgery center, or to a high-end wellness spa, essentially PepFactor is a patented formula of special chemicals that promotes both hair growth and softer skin of the scalp.

Is the formula available over the counter?

PepFactor is not an “at home” treatment, because to work, the formula needs to be embedded deep within the skin using equipment only available to practicing professionals or aesthetic doctors. They’re also the ones most knowledgeable with its proper and safe application, thus, it’s definitely advised to have them apply the solution.

How is it applied?

First, the areas of the scalp are cleansed, and then numbed since the formula is invasively applied in a procedure that may take an hour or more. The scalp is pierced with ultra-fine needles in a method called micro-needling.

The mere process of micro-needling, which has been popular since around 1995, often combines the use of Platelet-Rich Plasma injections to promote healing. But using PepFactor instead is more effective, akin to having micro-needling on steroids.

How does the formula enhance hair growth?

In essence, PepFactor works to restore hair loss by stimulating hair follicles deep within the scalp, as well as increasing the size of hair follicles. Once the micro-needling takes place, clients are then placed under a safe but high beam LED light for around 20 minutes. 

Most patients come back once a week, for around 5 subsequent treatments. At the tail end of the procedure, photos are taken of the scalp to document the eventual restoration of hair. 

How effective is the formula for growing hair?

Although there is not any scientific body of evidence to prove the efficacy of the formula in growing hair, the fact that many dermatologists use it, as well as plastic surgery physicians and high-end spas is proof enough that the formula is working well.

On average, results for hair restoration begin to show up after around 3 weeks, and within a couple of months, there is a significant amount of restoration. Of course, no method of hair rejuvenation will transform you from a baldy one day and then a week later, turn you into a Patrick Dempsey or a Liam Helmsworth. 

It takes a significant amount of time to develop a full head of hair if it happens at all. But the advantage of the formula is unlike rogaine, there are rarely any side effects. 

What about scalp rejuvenation?

One the other hand, for those who need scalp rejuvenation, PepFactor stimulates the collagen in the skin. While there is no question that the formula is not natural ( there are no PepFactor trees anyplace on earth,) the formula works to stimulate the natural healing processes within the body. 

In general, most people find that for scalp rejuvenation, the results are fairly quick and can show up as quickly as two or three weeks.

Where do you get it?

Carefully check out any spa that offers the formula as they may not have a license to administer it. Most people see a qualified dermatologist or a licensed plastic surgeon have the procedure done.

Spas are alright if they have a licensed doctor on hand, but to avoid any problems, a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon is your best bet.



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