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Alopecia has been a struggle for many people with few treatment options – UNTIL NOW! Dr. Roel Galope at Lasting Impression Medical Aesthetics in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, can help.

WHAT is Autologous stem cell therapy?


Autologous Stem Cell Therapy is the use of your own body’s stem cells to perform a procedure which can be facial rejuvenation, scalp rejuvenation, joint rejuvenation, or sexual rejuvenation. The first way you can do that is by obtaining the stem cells from the abdominal fat using liposuction and purifying procedure, the second method is obtaining stem cells from bone marrow by doing a biopsy procedure of the bone marrow at the closer aspect of the hip and then purifying those stem cells.

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In terms of hair loss, the stem cells use your own body’s growth factors to stimulate the miniaturized or miniaturizing follicles in the hair to grow longer and stronger. When you implant the stem cells the stimulation of growth will occur for 6 months after it’s placed inside and you don’t have to use Minoxidil or other topical medications. You don’t have to do other procedures unless you want to boost your hair growth even more.

Basically stem cells boost the scalp’s ability to heal. Additionally, any other procedures that you may do to try to stimulate more hair growth will be complemented by that stem cell procedure. So it would help with anything from Minoxidil therapy, PRP therapy, PepFactor therapy, or even hair transplants.

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Hair Loss | Lasting Impression - Lipo Gold

the procedure

For autologous stem cell harvest we do a mini liposuction procedure where we make tiny openings at the sides of the front of the abdomen where we could place a liposuction cannula. We obtain a small amount of that fat, about 60 cc. We then put that through a centrifugation process so that we purify the adipose stem cells that are obtained. For that 60 cc of fat, we’re able to obtain about 9 cc of usable stem cells. We place that in a handheld microinjector which we use to stab the stem cells directly into the skin of the scalp. We numb the scalp with lighter chain ring blocks so that you’re comfortable during the whole procedure. And then after the procedure, we don’t want you to wash your hair for about 24 hours. After that, you can wash it and it’ll just have a little bit of redness and maybe tenderness for about 2 – 3 days.



Autologous Stem Cells

Treatment for anyone who would like to treat or prevent wrinkles without surgery.


Most revolutionary and cutting edge technology on the market for hair regrowth!


Proven to effectively increase hair count, thickness, and improve the growth phase.


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