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5 Irresistibly Hair Loss Treatment for the Celebrated Men


Most men around the globe are trying to fight the issue of hair loss, also known as alopecia which has become rampant. Even though this matter has a lasting solution that can work well for the victims, it is essential to understand its cause. Initially, many people thought that the male-only experience loss of hair in their old age. Recently, it has been found that males also lose hair in their early thirties.

Analysis has revealed that about fifty million males in the United States experience baldness at an earlier age than usual. According to scientists, this condition is known as androgenetic alopecia. Let’s discuss some of the possible causes of this common condition.

Causes of Alopecia in Males

Medical Conditions

The loss of hair in males sometimes is associated with various medical conditions that impact the health life of an individual. Medical conditions such as enlarged prostates, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure are said to significantly impact hair growth.


This is considered the primary cause of the loss of hair among males and females at some point. The male pattern baldness is said to have its origin from the family throughout the bloodline of an individual. It is automatic that if there are several males in your family suffering from the loss of hair, you are likely to experience the same at around a similar age.


Several drugs are closely associated with the loss of hair among males. The medications used to treat medical conditions such as arthritis, heart problems, depression, and high blood pressure are likely to cause this condition. Typically, the hair that an individual loses during cancer treatment returns, but it might not return at some point.


This is mainly associated with testosterone. Note that the scalp of males contains various cells, especially those who are genetically disposed of. The cells interchange essential hormones into different forms known as DHT, making the hair follicle shrink, forcing the hair to stop growing. In women, the thinning of hair mainly occurs during menopause.

The Scalp Disorders

In males, hair loss is sometimes associated with conditions such as ringworms, folliculitis, and other fungal infections. In most cases, the inflammation of the hair follicles is caused by bacterial infections, which are also common. Other things such as seborrheic dermatitis and Psoriasis also cause the thinning of hair in male and females.

Impact of Alopecia in Our Daily Lives

Scientists have revealed that the loss of hair directly impacts the lives of individuals psychologically. The stress response of an individual suffering from alopecia affects his/her general productivity in their daily lives. This has been mostly recognized among men who are mostly suffering from this condition.

To prevent such things from happening, let’s shed light on the possible methods of treatment that can work perfectly and eradicate the condition especially among the male.

Treatments of Alopecia

Hair Transplant

This is said to be the most common mode of treating alopecia that has shown great success. There are a couple of types of hair transplants, which are follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation. Between the two, the follicular unit transplantation is said to be the best and classic.

This process entails removing some skin on the parts of your scalp where there is hair, then removing hair follicles from that strip and inserting them where there is poor hair growth. The follicular unit extractions involve the direct removal of hair follicles from where there is hair and transplanting them directly on the bald areas.

Remember that hair transplants are said to be a sort of surgery that might be costly and painful. It also involves a series of risks that might have adverse health effects.

Avoid Smoking

Avoiding smoking is considered a preventive measure and classified among the hair loss treatments that have worked for many people in different parts of the world. It is evident that almost everyone understands the effects of smoking, as illustrated by the health guidelines. However, not everyone knows that smoking is among the major causes of alopecia.

This can also cause the premature greying of hair and also result in facial wrinkles. Scientists have revealed that there is an excellent connection between smoking and the loss of hair, especially among the male. To prevent alopecia-related conditions, it is crucial for one to stop smoking.

Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment is said to possess the ability to reduce the level of inflammation in the hair follicles that prevents them from growing. This method of alopecia treatment was found more effective in 2016 after a detailed medical research that proved to be exceptional. Many people in the United States opt for this method of treatment due to its levels of success.

Scientists proved that low-level laser therapy is very effective especially in the treatment of alopecia among the male. Besides, this method is still undergoing research to unveil its full potential.

Scalp Massage

It is evident that not every massage feels wonderful. However, it can aid in the treatment of alopecia, especially in the male. This is because massage stimulates the hair follicles contributing to the growth of hair. This research was done in Japan and showed great results after several men healed from the condition.

Prescription & OTC Drugs

According to the medical research done in the United States concerning hair loss treatments, a couple of drugs have been found functional in treating bald male patterns. These are the Finasteride and the Minoxidil. Minoxidil is also known as Rogaine available in the list of over-the-counter drugs as liquid or foam. It is applied to the scalp twice to motivate hair growth.

Finasteride is available as Proscar or Propecia. It is a type of pill that is taken daily. You can only acquire it when you have a prescription from a qualified doctor.


Alopecia has become a common defect terrorizing the male across the globe. The treatment methods discussed above can help an individual get out of the condition within the shortest time possible.



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