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Remedy for Hair Pattern Baldness


Both surgical and medicinal treatments are available for men of all ages to stop or reverse hair loss. A wide range of treatment options for hair loss is now accessible because of technological and scientific developments in FUE hair transplantation and topical medicines like Rogaine. Our team is most likely to aid those who suffer from male pattern baldness and are concerned about its repercussions.

Beginning & Onset

You first saw the receding hairline and exposed temples a few years ago. The bald area on the back of your head might have appeared at that point. Concerned about the rate of hair fallout, you measured the number of strands in your hairbrush and held a mirror to the back of your head to see how quickly the bald spot was progressing. 

You began to notice other men’s hairlines and grew jealous of those who had full heads of hair. While you were growing older, your hair started to fall out. To some extent, you doubted yourself when your hairline receded because it seemed to diminish your self-confidence. Many guys are discouraged and demoralized since they can’t stop their hair loss by altering their way of living. Does this sound familiar to you?

If so, you’ve come to the correct place: Lasting Impressions Medical Aesthetic Spa and the staff of Dr. Galope.

How Many Men Experience Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is an issue that is rarely discussed among males, but those who suffer from it are generally very unhappy with their position. Every element of a person’s life can be impacted by hair loss. 

Symptoms of male pattern baldness might begin to appear as early as the age of 21 in some males. Thirty-four percent to forty percent of males will have thinning hair and a receding hairline by age 35. Most men suffer some thinning or receding hairlines by 50, with some going as far as total baldness by the time they’re 50.

What is the Norwood Scale?

To gauge the severity of male pattern baldness, the Norwood scale (also known as the Hamilton-Norwood scale) is the gold standard. Throughout their lives, men’s hair tends to fall in various patterns. It’s easy to use the Norwood Scale to identify different phases of baldness.

Hair transplant surgeons, doctors, and researchers utilize a variety of classification schemes. Some scales classify baldness according to gender, while others only consider female-pattern baldness.

Physicians often refer to the Norwood scale when talking about male pattern baldness. It serves as a reference point to diagnose the level of baldness, discuss treatment choices, and monitor the efficacy of treatment.

Be Warned About Sneaky Salesmen

You may have seen the infomercials offering the latest “scientific breakthrough” treatments for hair loss. However, there is no medicine, pill, lotion, potion, or vitamin supplement—including Rogaine and Propecia- that will permanently reverse and treat male pattern baldness. Any pharmaceutical product that makes such a claim is, without a doubt, peddling snake oil. The “cure” for baldness may exist in the future, but for the time being, all claims of a “cure” are baseless.

How Can I Treat My Baldness?

The best way to identify the best course of action for your particular situation is to have a personal consultation with Dr. Roel Galope. Find out how a hair transplant works and about various hair loss remedies, such as the following:

Surgical Remedies:

Non-Surgical Remedies:

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