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Options For Treating A Receding Hairline

Options For Treating A Receding Hairline


There are both surgical and non-surgical ways to treat hair loss and a receding hairline. These things are:


  • A hair transplant using FUE
  • Finasteride (Propecia®) 
  • Minoxidil (Rogaine®) foam 
  • 2% Nizoral® Shampoo
  • Laser Therapy for Hair

Treatment For A Receding Hairline

Seeing your hairline recede can make you feel like you’re getting older faster than you should. If you used to have a full head of hair but now have male-pattern baldness and your temples are getting smaller, there is still hope. Dr. Galope is an award-winning doctor who is known all over the world. He specializes in restoring hairlines.


He is known for being able to combine science and art to give his patients results for receding hairlines that look very natural and can’t be seen at all. In fact, it’s his skill and attention to detail that make him stand out. Make an appointment with Dr. Galope.


To get the best possible results, Dr. Galope first looks at your unique situation and considers a number of factors during your first appointment. His findings will help him make a treatment plan for your receding hairline that is made just for you. Among these things are:


  • Your age
  • Your hairline right now
  • Your hair density
  • Your specific loss pattern Your available donor hair
  • Your hair quality
  • The traits of your hair
  • Your facial structure
  • Your goals for the long run

Unnoticeable is the goal of a hairline transplant

The goal is to get your hairline back to how it was as much as possible. The repair doesn’t look like a line because it’s not a line at all. Dr. Galope carefully removes follicular units, which are groups of one to four hairs. He then takes the hair follicles he just took out and separates them into groups of 1, 2, 3, or 4 hairs. Then, he transplants fine, single hairs that look like the natural pattern on your head.


These gradually change into grafts that are fuller and thicker and blend into the hairline. This causes natural hair to grow back in a way that makes it impossible to tell the difference between real and transplanted hair. Because of this drive for perfection, hairline restoration has become a form of fine art.


You should take care of temple decline as soon as possible. There are a lot of things you can do to keep the hair you have, and I encourage you to try these good ideas. This blog post has more information about temple recession and losing your hair at a very young age.



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