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Non Surgical Hair Regrowth Methods

Non-Surgical Hair Regrowth Methods


Did you know that hair loss affects more than 60 million men and women by the age of 30 years? Guess what that’s only in the U.S and we can only imagine how many people are getting affected worldwide! The problem with hair loss is not just its physical aspect. It is known that people with moderate to severe loss often suffer from low self-confidence and low self-esteem!

However, not everyone can undergo expensive and time-consuming surgeries. Luckily, we are living in the scientific era where non-surgical options such as PRP therapy and PRF therapy can cure your hair loss effectively. Let’s dig deeper into what these non-surgical hair loss treatment and thinning hair!

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

How is PRP Therapy used to regrow hair?

PRP therapy for hair loss in men and women is performed in 3 stages. Stage 1 involves the drawing of your own blood sample, just like when you go for usual blood work. Stage 2 involves processing of blood to separate out the plasma and the platelet cells. These platelet cells are then concentrated into the plasma. Stage 3 or the last step includes injecting this platelet-rich plasma (PRP) back into your scalp to treat hair loss.

How does PRP Therapy work?

Platelets that contain clotting factors, growth factors, and stem cells trigger the natural wound healing process in your scalp. As a result these cells heal, renew and regenerate dead hair follicles and replace them with healthy ones. 

What to expect from PRP Therapy?

The entire process of injecting the PRP serum back into the follicles takes under 10 minutes to complete. Once you’ve completed your first session of PRP therapy, you are advised to get follow up sessions once a month for the first few months. After that, a session every 3-6 months will help you achieve your desired goals. There is no downtime or recovery time for PRP therapy and you can go back to your normal life immediately afterwards.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) Therapy

How does PRF differ from PRP Therapy?

PRF is short for Platelet-Rich Fibrin. PRF works on a principle similar to that of PRP’s. However, the only difference is the amount of platelets in the final serum. The PRF therapy also aims to rectify any tissue damage by healing them, regenerating them and reducing the pain symptoms associated with the injury. 

How is PRF Therapy used to regrow hair?

The process of administration is again similar to PRP therapy. The only difference is in stage 2 where the platelets are separated from the blood. The separation takes place in a machine called a centrifuge which actually spins the blood containing tube. As a result, plasma and platelets separate out in the top part and more heavier blood cells settle in the bottom part of the tube. However, spinning in PRF therapy takes place at a lower speed making sure that the amount of platelets collected at the top are 10 times higher than the normal blood sample.

Once collected, the newly created enriched serum is injected directly into the hair follicles. PRF therapy. 

How does PRF Therapy work?

PRF serums contain an amazingly huge number of platelets as compared to normal cells. Platelets contain a large amount of stem cells, growth factors and cytokines. All these cells play an important role in wound healing. Once injected into the affected hair follicles, these cells trigger a healing process to revive dead hair follicles. 

What to expect from PRP Therapy?

Once you’ve taken a few sessions of PRF therapy, you’ll start to observe a decrease in hair loss. Eventually after a few weeks (varies for each patient) you’ll see new hair coming out of the revived follicles. For optimal results, maintain an intake of healthy and nutritious diet along with the PRF therapy sessions. 

Bottomline is that both therapies can help in rejuvenating your hair by reviving dead hair follicles, reducing hair loss and hair thinning. If you’re looking to reignite your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem, now is your time! Contact us to schedule an appointment!



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