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Hairstyles that May Possibly Lead to Hair Loss


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve worn your hair in the same style since first grade or prefer switching it up daily; you must be aware that specific styling techniques might lead to hair loss.

According to the findings of specific studies, tying your hair back too tightly might be damaging. Tight ponytails, cornrows, extensions, and buns are all examples of hairstyles that could cause harm to your mane. This form of hair loss, known as “traction alopecia,” is brought on by damage to the hair follicles, which is brought on by the repeated pulling of the hair.

In addition to causing harm, having tight hair may eventually result in permanent hair loss due to the combined impacts of stress. Altering your hairstyle at the first indication of thinning hair may, however, avoid additional If you do it fast enough, it won’t affect your hair.

It’s important to keep in mind that hair loss is more often brought on by the strength of constant pulling on the hair than by the actual haircut. It’s crucial to have this in mind at all times. 

Wearing your hair pulled back more loosely rather than tighter is one of the easiest things. You may take steps to keep it safe.

Alternately, you might try wearing your hair in a manner that does not tug on it in any way, such as by letting it down. If you wear your hair in ponytails or braids often, it is important to switch to hairstyles that are less damaging to the hair regularly.

There are many strong reasons in support of experimenting with new looks. Experimenting with various hairstyles may be enjoyable, mainly when the result is a cut that complements your appearance and personality while still being functional.

Whether or not you wear your hair in styles that are pulled back tightly, you may notice that your hair is thinning around your part, which gives the impression that the part is becoming larger. Altering the location of the part in your hair may be helpful in preventing this sort of hair loss. If you always part your hair in the same spot, you might end up with sun damage on your scalp and stress in your hair, both of which can cause breaking. Altering its position may buy your hair some much-needed recuperation time. Changing your part is another quickest and most effective technique to give yourself a whole new appearance.

If you see a decline in your hair more rapidly than usual, even after getting a fresh haircut, you may be suffering from a condition known as alopecia areata. If this occurs, it is in your best interest to take prompt action to prevent the hair loss from becoming more severe or irreversible.

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