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Best Ways to Support Women With Thinning Hair


It’s not as uncommon as you might assume for women to experience hair loss. Hair is more than just keratin strands attached to the scalp for most people. One’s hairstyle can be taken as a reflection of one’s individuality and sense of fashion. Losing your hair, whether temporarily or permanently, is upsetting. Hair loss in women is often different from that in men. Women either notice generalized thinning at the crown or a widening area in the middle. Male-pattern baldness, which causes a receding hairline in men, almost never affects women. About 40% of women, according to studies, will experience more hair loss than usual before the age of 40.

What is Normal for Hair Thinning?

Daily hair loss of 50-100 strands is average. The appearance of a few stray hairs in your brush or on your clothing need not cause alarm. If you notice a significant change in your hair’s thickness or if it begins to fall out in clumps, it may be time to consult a doctor.

What Are the Common Causes of Hair Thinning?

Loss of hair in a pattern typical of women is rather prevalent. This is typically the result of passing down a particularly robust genetic component from one’s parents. Hair loss typically begins at the crown in individuals with female-pattern baldness. How can we assist ladies experiencing hair thinning? As hair loss tends to increase over time, the sooner you take action, the better your chances of reversing the condition.There is a wide variety of treatments for thinning and loss that work for all hair types.


An alternative to surgical replacement are convenient and safe. They are perfect for those who want to quickly enhance or transform their hair’s appearance. These solutions can be used with your current hair to make it longer, thicker, or fuller. The Xtrands treatment is a method of increasing hair density. The Xtrands technique entails affixing a number of precise hairs to the scalp at the base of your natural hairs. The tape-in and halo hair extensions give customers many options with zero commitment. The process is simple, quick, and won’t interfere with your day.


The only FDA-approved chemical clinically shown to restore hair and reduce further loss is included in treatment options. EXT Extreme Hair Therapy program consists of in-office consultations and take-home maintenance supplies. If you are in the early stages of hair loss, it will work best for you. You can obtain the gorgeous hair you love again with the help of expert counseling, digital progress tracking, and salon services. The LaserBand, LaserComb, Capillus, and LaserHelmet are just some of the FDA-approved laser products sold at Lasting Impressions. These aids have been shown to stimulate hair growth and slow the thinning process. Moreover, they support healthy hair and boost hair density.


Both surgical and non-surgical methods exist for restoring hair loss. Those who have already gone through several stages of hair thinning or loss may benefit most from hair restoration. Using a medical-grade glue, Xtrands+ technology seamlessly integrates new hair with a person’s current hair, allowing for a dramatic change in look. This alternative is both quicker and cheaper than surgical options. BioGraft combines surgical hair restoration with a non-surgical method to give you a full head of hair. The hairline and bald spots can be fixed surgically using this procedure. One of the most recent developments in hair transplant surgery is follicular unit extraction (FUE). If scarring is a concern, FUE is the way to go. For those whose hair loss is still in its early stages, it can be helpful. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a popular non-hospital-based surgical hair restoration method. FUE can be used to regrow your own hair and add density. RestorINK is a novel, non-invasive restoration procedure that creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair without the need for surgery. Experts use extremely thin needles to inject a proprietary pigment solution into the scalp. The process is similar to getting a tattoo, except the smaller needles used in this method leave less noticeable scarring on the scalp. RestorINK is a low-cost option that can be used to supplement previous hair restoration techniques.

Do It Now

The good news is that hair loss is not something you have to accept. Thousands of women have entrusted Lasting Impressions Medical Spa to help them get their hair back. We provide a full range of tried-and-true options for women experiencing hair loss. Our sympathetic staff is here to help you through this process. Visit our location and speak with one of our hair care specialists. A TrichoView® hair and scalp analysis will provide you with a free, in-depth 10-point assessment for the health of your hair and scalp. Your hairstylist will analyze your scalp and hair follicles to ascertain their health. Then they’ll give you a solution they think you’ll like. Get back to loving your hair by making an appointment now!



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