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What You Don't Know About Hair Loss

8 Things You Should Know About Hair Loss


Losing Hair is Normal

Losing hair is a normal process, and one should not be worried about it. Healthy individuals lose around 50 to 100 hair each day. However, if you’re losing way more than that or observing a balding pattern, you should see a dermatologist!

125 Strands per Day

Hair loss can very commonly be confused with shedding, a normal process that everyone goes through. It is characterized as hair loss when you lose more than 125 hair per day. 

Hair loss, medically termed Alopecia, can be seen anywhere on the body. It is most commonly seen on the scalp. Usually, there is around 100,000 hair on your scalp. It may not be observed initially, but continuous hair loss over time can make it visible.

Hair Loss in Male Causes Male Pattern Baldness

Balding is pretty standard in men and starts around puberty as the level of androgens surge in the body. It has a signature pattern that involves receding the hairline from the temple at first, which keeps receding until a ring of hair is left. Eventually, all hair is lost and men become bald.

Hair Loss in Female Causes Hair Thinning

There are a number of risk factors that can cause moderate to severe hair loss both in men and women. Some of the common causes are:

Hair Falls Out in Stages

Hair goes through stages of growth which are:

All these phases are in perfect balance, and any disturbance can lead to significant hair loss.

Different Types of Hair Loss

Depending on the growth stages, there are multiple types of hair loss which are:

Hair Loss Can Be Treated

Previously medications and surgeries were our only options to treat hair loss. Now with rapid scientific advancement we can opt for non-surgical and highly effective therapies like PRP and PRF. However, the first line is always medication. Some of the most common drugs are minidoxil, finasteride, spironolactone, estrogens (women), prostaglandins analogs, and steroids. 

If there’s no avail to medication, specific procedures such as PRF therapy and PRP therapy, hair transplant, scalp reduction, and Lasercomb ® have been found helpful in treating hair loss.

There may be certain side effects associated with surgical procedures, so it’s always better to go for modern treatment options such as PRF therapy and PRP therapy. 

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